Derrick, Jack and Judy

Pictured (L-R): Derrick, his father Jack, and his mother Judy.


On returning from many years away working and travelling, Derrick's love of the land drew him into beekeeping, a hobby that has since become an all-consuming passion.

A passion to find success in a sustainable business that gives back to local communities, and preserves the beauty of New Zealand's natural environment, which in turn produces delicious, world-class, premium honey.

Hokianga Harbour


NZHT HQ is located in the Hokianga. This subtropical far north region of New Zealand is steeped in history and culture (read more here). In fact it was right here in Northland that modern New Zealand was founded, when Maori and Europeans came together in the Bay of Islands to sign the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.

Although New Zealand has native species of bees, none are suitable for producing honey. The familiar golden and brown species of honeybees (Apis Mellifera), were brought here by English settlers for honey production and pollination. The first documented introduction of these bees was via our beautiful Hokianga Harbour in 1839.



Within Maori beliefs, lies the basis of a very close relationship and understanding between people and the surrounding world – sky, sea, land, rivers, lakes and the creatures that live there. The relationship is built on a bond of kinship, trust, respect and dependence on each other.

Kaitiaki is a guardian of these elements and Kaitiakitanga (or guardianship) forms the core values that guide our business growth as we strive to always produce high quality, 100% natural, authentic, raw honey in harmony with our natural environment.



With a family history of involvement in horticulture and forestry, it seemed logical to combine our love of plants, bees and the land, and propagate Manuka seedlings.
If you're looking to produce honey as an alternative income stream on your land, we can help with a supply of seedlings to increase the existing amount of Mānuka on your property, establish a stand of Mānuka on land that is otherwise unused, or perhaps to convert an old pine block.

Contact us for details on info@newzealandhoneytraders.co.nz or fill in the form below.

Meet the team

Derrick and Ange

Derrick and Ange

Our Managing Director and his wife manage the day-to-day running of the business. Derrick began his beekeeping journey with a grand total of 10 hives! Today the business owns and operates over 1,500 with Derrick overseeing each and every one. Ange looks after the admin, marketing, product dispatch, general enquiries and accounts.

Jack and Judy

Jack and Judy

A true 'Jack of all trades', Derrick's dad is often seen pottering around the workshop. Out in the field you can't get a better honey box stacker, and he's chief site maintenance guy too. His mum is the calm encourager, her plant knowledge is a massive asset, and on days when we're all to shattered to go on, she's the one you'll hear say "just one more site".


The Workforce

They say that behind every great man lies an even greater woman, or, in Derrick's case, a few hundred thousand of them! To make quality honey you need quality bees, and our specially bred hybrid of Carniolan and Italian honeybees offer us the perfect blend of temperament and productivity.



Derrick's faithful companion for over 7 years, Loui the neo-mastiff is our head security officer and possum eradication specialist. He and his trusty team of three side-dogs (Lexi, Loki and Sammy) provide round-the-clock security that's second to none! Although to be fair, you're more likely to find them curled up on the couch asleep... But don't let that fool you!


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