With a milder flavour than her more famous sister Mānuka, she is a beautiful tasting honey and comes with a price tag that's far easier to swallow!

We are learning more and more about its therapeutic qualities. So far studies have shown its effectiveness as a topical cold sore treatment due to its potent anti-viral properties.

It also has the highest level of Arabinogalactans (AGPs) out of all New Zealand honeys (including Mānuka). AGPs are immunostimulatory and powerful antioxidants that can help reduce inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

"Tests into the effect of Kānuka Honey on the immune system show that it stimulates cells to release cytokines, which contribute to healing and repair of wounds and the inflammation that indicates infection.

Kanuka honey also contains hydrogen peroxide, which has been shown to have antibacterial properties" source: stuff.co.nz

Definitely one of our favourite honeys! We have a delicious range including 99% pollen Kānuka Honey as well as some very tasty naturally occurring blends.

Since the introduction of the Mānuka Honey Science Definition by MPI that identified a number of chemical markers present in our native floral honeys, it is widely accepted amongst the industry, that Kānuka Honey, whilst it fails the definiteion for Mānuka Honey, can be categorised by the level of a chemical marker called 3-Phenyllactic Acid (3-PLA). A lower range Kānuka Honey might have 600 or 700+ mg of 3-PLA per kg. Whilst a mid range one might sit in the 1500-1700+ mg /kg. With the upper ranges being 2000+ mg possibly even 3000+ mg.

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